Science of Life Expat Wellbeing

The Science of Life Expat Wellbeing programme focuses on the Expat community in the Netherlands. This is a large group with specific needs regarding to wellbeing. This group meets up regularly through expat organisations that promote their interests. These organisations shares the latest news and are familiarised with the healthcare in the Netherlands and they can offer this programme to expats with a reduced rate.

The Expat Wellbeing programme is a total concept and is distinguished by a personalised approach with digital applications, where prevention is most important. In addition to innovative technologies in the field of e-health, this programme offers personalised solutions for a wide target group. Ayurveda stands for rejuvenation of the body and mind. This programme offers tools for a long and healthy life. This results in more balance in work, private and social life.

We offer a health check with possible additional treatments and various lessons and workshops. With a reduced rate, clients can also purchase products and participate in health events. The programme is composed with the organisation, taking into account the wishes and needs of the clients. The activities are facilitated at one of the organisation or at our SOLI center in the Netherlands.

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