Science of Ayurveda

elementenAyurveda, the science of life describes that each individual is unique. This requires a personalised approach to prevention and health promotion. Ayurveda is an ancient science from India and offers solutions with personalised medicine for the health problems in our modern society. This traditional medicine has two goals: to maintain good health and to cure disease by tackling it at the root.

Natural constitution

In this digital era, society is mainly focused on achieving results quickly. We are not aware of living in the rhythm of nature. Unfortunately, we all do not live according to our natural constitution and do not invest enough time and attention to improve the quality of life. By focusing on our personal wellbeing, we can restore the balance. If we fail to do so it will have major consequences for our stress level. Then we become mentally overloaded. Ayurveda describes that the origin of all diseases comes from the mind. The body and mind are one and need proper nutrition. Ayurveda as a total health system does not treat the disease but the person behind the disease in a completely holistic and natural way.

At present, the number of chronically ill people in the Netherlands is extremely high. This development is worrying and calls for concrete action to be taken. The cause of this problem lies mainly in overconsumption and not only of food but also of impressions. Prosperity means that too much is on offer and people are under the influence of overstimulation. Partly due to digitalisation, a lot is possible: “The Sky is the limit”. We live in a world where we are overfed. Only paying attention to nutrition and lifestyle is not enough to stay healthy. Unfortunately, Western medicine offers no solution to this problem.

Personalised Medicine Ayurveda

Each individual is born with his own unique constitution and this is the blueprint that is unchanging and will remain that way throughout life. One of the most important concepts within Ayurveda science is that nature is made up of 5 elements; space, air, fire, water and earth. From conception, a unique constitution type arises and manifests itself in these universal energies; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

  • Space + air = Vata: controls the energy of movement
  • Fire + water = Pitta: regulates the metabolism, transformation of matter into energy
  • Water + earth = Kapha: regulates the energy of structure

People are under the influence of environmental factors, as a result of which they become unbalanced due to the quality and quantity of food, changes in seasons, excessive stress, insufficient rest, little exercise, disturbed relationships, changes in age, and suppressed emotions. Ayurveda describes that living outside your natural rhythm eventually results in illness. Personalised Medicine from an Ayurvedic perspective provides health care with a very effective approach.

The guidelines

Ayurveda has personal guidelines for each individual to follow. One of the important guidelines is living according to the rhythm of nature and to follow a natural daily routine. A personal time schedule of 24 hours will help to integrate the new routine. We also need to integrate the changes of the seasons. The guidelines include a healthy diet and lifestyle determined by the unique constitution of each individual.

Some dietary changes will be necessary. Also taking moments of rest by practicing breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. Yoga and Ayurveda form one complete health system. Optionally, various therapeutic treatments are being advised for cleaning the internal and external body, such as body massages and the use of nutritional supplements.

Ayurveda has a holistic approach to easily bring each individual back to a natural rhythm.


The main form of diagnosis takes place by feeling the pulse and examining the tongue. The overall condition is examined and observed on a physical and mental level. In addition, diagnostic equipment is used to process the data and make it measurable for the client. Then it is examined which constitution the person has, what the imbalance is and what led to it. Finally, the client will get an advise how to restore the balance. We start with strengthening the immune system and improving the digestive system.