congres erkenningAt an international Ayurveda conference in the Netherlands, Minister Bruno Bruins of Healthcare & Sport endorses the vision of Ayurveda. “Health is more than the absence of illness; it is a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. Not all health problems can be solved with major medical interventions” the ex-minister says.

European Parliament Brussels

Guest speaker at the conference Alojz Peterle, Member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Slovenia, appreciates Ayurveda for its scientific underpinnings and the value of a complete health system like this. He indicates that, despite of innovations in medicine, how the health care worldwide developments is becoming more worrying. This means that a new approach is required with good cooperation to solve the problem.

Where Western Medicine stops, Ayurveda continues

In 1977, the World Health Organisation recognised Ayurvedic medicine as a scientific medicine and included it in its statutes. As an additional note the WHO indicates: “Where Western Medicine stops, Ayurveda continues”.

Switzerland is the first country in Europe to recognize Ayurvedic medicine. Followed byGermany in November 2019, with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister NarendraModi signing an MoU which is an agreement for scientific and technological researchcollaboration to promote, establish and bring out academic collaboration in Ayurveda, yogaand meditation.