Global Health

picture of a globeThe institute is dedicated to improve wellbeing for everyone, globally. Our main goal is to reduce the high numbers of chronic diseases. In association with the world’s top Ayurvedic doctors, researchers and academic institutes we will conduct the SCIENCE OF LIFE Global Health Wellbeing programme. We are focusing mainly on chronic diseases to promote prevention and after care by using personalised medicine Ayurveda. Our institute is a portal to stimulate collaboration and to start scientific research for chronic diseases. The data of the programme is going to be used for the research projects to improve the Global Health Wellbeing programme.

The funding of the research projects will be stimulated in collaboration through our ambassadors and international donors. Education in the science of Ayurveda will play a major role to reduce the number of patients with chronic diseases.

If you like to become a partner to start the Science of Life Global Health Wellbeing programme, please let us know by sending an email to