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Science of Life Institute

The Science of Life Institute (SOLI), the former Gandiva Institute, was established in 2011. The institute is an international organisation based in The Hague, Netherlands and focuses on the sectors: Education, Healthcare and Culture. Sector Research is currently in the start-up phase. The Science of Life Institute is an independent knowledge institute which strives to translate fundamental insights of the science of Ayurveda as efficiently as possible into contemporary standards. With the aim of stimulating Personalised Medicine Ayurveda by promoting and prevent health worldwide and to fight chronic diseases.

The three pillars on which the organisation is based are cooperation, knowledge sharing and awareness. The institute has developed various wellbeing programmes focused on a number of specific target groups. These are offered by corporates, the government and institutions. We provide courses in the field of wellbeing interventions for healthcare professionals. Interested parties can choose from a wide range of lectures, training courses and workshops. Various retreats are going to be organised regularly in the Netherlands and abroad.

Although Personalised medicine is still in its early stage in modern medicine, this is an ancient science in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. By investing in both fundamental and applied scientific research, we can further develop the personalised wellbeing interventions. The institute selects healthcare professionals, top researchers and scientists and encourages collaboration. With a joint approach, the insights from the studies are translated into applicable methods and personalised treatments.

The Science of Life Institute is building an international network to create support for high-quality health care and to fight chronic diseases in Global Health. Top researchers are working on one common goal and are supported by universities, partner institutions and the government. The institute has a digital international platform for the promotion and investment of fundamental research. There is a lot of knowledge, but little cooperation to be able to translate the results into the current standards. To know more about the traditional knowledge of the Ayurveda science and to understand it, one and the same language must be spoken worldwide. In this way the Science of Life Institute lays a new foundation for now and the future to strengthen the knowledge of Personalised medicine Ayurveda globally.


The foundation aims to:

  • provide on international level knowledge development and knowledge exchange of the Ayurveda science with the application of innovative technologies in the sectors Education, Health care and Culture. Sector Research is in the start-up phase.
  • reduce chronic diseases in Global Health by using personalised medicine Ayurveda with the focus on prevention and aftercare.
  • to make Ayurveda accessible for a wide audience in cooperation with partners in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • take care of the preservation of the traditional Indian philosophy.

Science of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the science of life describes that each individual is unique. This requires a personalised approach to prevention and health promotion.

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At an international Ayurveda conference in the Netherlands, Minister Bruno Bruins of Healthcare & Sport endorses the vision of Ayurveda.

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Science of life

In 2012 I started this research, in which the wellbeing of each client or participant was analysed from various angles.

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